Every now and then, we take inventory of all the items we have reviewed and make many of them available to onebaggers at a discounted rate. The money we receive helps us to pay the bills and acquire new products …

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New Gear: Eagle Creek Weekend Bags, Pack It Sport

Anyone who regularly visits this website knows I’m a fan of the Eagle Creek Adventure Weekender. Earlier this summer, Eagle Creek came out with two new similar style bags. Eagle Creek Tarmac Weekend Bag   The Eagle Creek Tarmac Weekend Bag is a …

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Gear Review: Rail Riders Journey Pack

As editor of One Bag, One World, I get to see my fair share of bags. Usually, they are so similar to each other I have to search for something unique to write about. Not so with the Rail Riders …

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Designing the Perfect Carry-On

A lot of bags pass through my door for review. Big bags, small bags, one compartment bags, multi compartment bags and so on. Many are similar but they all have at least one unique feature to keep them different from …

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How Not To Gate Check A Bag

Many of us, including the most experienced onebaggers, have had to gate check a carry-on bag on the smaller, regional aircraft. While we don’t like be separated from our bags, we know gate-checking is not as bad as the regular …

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Skookum Dog

I know, this is a travel website, and you’re asking why am I writing about dogs. You see, our good friends at Tom Bihn have started a new company manufacturing items for dogs. It’s called Skookum Dog. Like all travel …

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Airline Carry On Bag Policies

Our friends at Airfare Watchdog have created a chart of the carry-on bag policies of many airlines around the world. I thought you’d like a link to it:   Airline Carry On Policies

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In Flight Theft

In a previous post, we discussed what to do with your bags in case of an emergency and you had to evacuate the aircraft. How would you handle the need to take cash, credit cards, passports and even a phone? …

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