IATA rethinks its carry on initiative

In case you are following the saga of IATA and it’s proposed carry-on initiative, the news now is that the trade organization is rethinking the idea now that no North American airlines will abide by them. Here’s their press release: …

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Size Matters


When it comes to carry-on bags, size and weight matters. We know that. And finally a major news outlet gets it as well. In their article, Size Matters, the BBC discusses which European airlines are the best and worst when …

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FCC Considers Lifting Ban On Cellphones on Planes


Three weeks ago, the FAA lifted the ban on the use of non-transmitting electronics on planesĀ  below 10,000 feet. Today, most of the major U.S. airlines follow the new rules. No more do passengers have to put their e-readers, tablets …

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FAA Eases Rules On Using Gadgets In-Flight


Airline passengers will soon be able to use many of their favorite electronic gadgets “gate to gate,” according to the FAA. Under the new directive announced today, passengers could read, work, listen to music, play games or watch a movieĀ  …

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Airline Carry On Bag Policies


Our friends at Airfare Watchdog have created a chart of the carry-on bag policies of many airlines around the world. I thought you’d like a link to it:   Airline Carry On Policies

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