Faroe Islands


  Do you have a travel bucket list? I do. It’s not very big. Just a few key places I want to see before I can no longer travel. At the top of that list was the Faroe Islands. And …

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Gear Review: LiteGear Mobile Pro


A few weeks ago, I became aware of a fairly new company making lightweight bags. They are called LiteGear and upon close inspection, many of their bags looked like copies of the same bags offered by Rick Steves. I was …

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Airlines Downsizing Carry-On Limits??????


I’ve heard from a few people alerting me to the fact that the big three U.S. legacy carriers–American, Delta and United–have downsized their carry-on limits. Most have based it on this article from the Los Angeles Times. One problem. The …

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How Not To Gate Check A Bag


Many of us, including the most experienced onebaggers, have had to gate check a carry-on bag on the smaller, regional aircraft. While we don’t like be separated from our bags, we know gate-checking is not as bad as the regular …

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American Eagle become Envoy Air


American Eagle, the regional carrier owned by the American Airlines Group, is changing its name today to Envoy Air. IF it was that simple I’d have made it a tweet and not a  blog post. Keep reading. Envoy Air will …

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Would You Take This Flight?


Finnair has daily flights between Copenhagen to Helsinki. The airport code for Copenhagen is CPH. The airport code for Helsinki is HEL. One of the flights is AY666 with AY being the airline code for Finnair. Today is Friday the …

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Bye Bye to Free Upgrades?


Who doesn’t like a free airline upgrade to either Business or First Class?  Anyone traveling in coach, especially over long distances, yearns to hear their name called to be  handed that coveted upgraded boarding pass. Sure, your odds were better …

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Pay More For Child Free Quiet Zones?


Would you be willing to pay more to sit in an area of a plane that was free of anyone under 12? Scoot Airlines, a Singapore based budget carrier, thinks you are. For as little as $14.50 you could sit …

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And You Thought You Had A Bad Flight?


How’s this for a flight: six changes of aircraft, six trips through security, arrive so late the last ferry has left and all bars and restaurants are closed……and the airline loses your luggage. That happened to one passenger of LIAT,  …

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