Packing–Planning Stage

8-18-travel-list-1Packing for one bag travel is an acquired skill that gets better the more you do it.

I always suggest that everyone makes a packing list.  It should include everything you need for a trip lasting anywhere from 2-4 days. I personally plan for 3. And that’s all you need to take regardless of how long the trip lasts.

If the trip is for longer than the 2-4 days, you do some laundry, replenish toiletries, and you can go forever.

As for packing lists, well, no two  are the same. They are as individual as fingerprints.  I make new packing lists for every trip depending on where I’m going, what I’m planning to do, the weather, etc.  I have a core list I start with and build from there.

Feel free to share your packing lists in the “Packing List” section of the Reader’s Forum

One little suggestion: If you’re going on an extended trip, travel can get very stressful. Take something along with you that will help to make you feel more at home or relaxed when the stress gets to you.

As an example, I take an immersion heater and folding rubber cup, along with some tea bags, so I can make myself a cup of tea just about anywhere.


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  1. gafer says:

    I think equally important as a packing list is a scale to weigh all your items. I picked up a cheap digital food scale that reads to the nearest tenth of an ounce (1 g) and a maximum capacity of 11 lbs (5 KG). This has been very helpful in deciding which items to include on my list. For me, bag space isn’t the issue, weight is. Trying to keep a bag under the recommended 10% of your body weight can be challenging for just about anyone. Knowing what each of your items weighs will help you make choices on what to take. Do you have a sweater that weighs half as much as your others yet is just as warm? I know I discovered that I do. Guess which one I take? I discovered a pair of dress pants that weigh 10 oz. less than the ones I was planning to take. I now which pair I’m taking now.

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