Is It Safe To Travel?

By now, just about everyone has heard of the terrorist attacks, and follow-up para-military police actions, in Paris, Brussels, Israel, Beirut, and Mali amongst other places. The headlines scream of violence and fear mongering and downright sensationalism. Is it safe …

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NY Senator calls on airlines to scrap new carry on proposal

U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer is calling on airlines to ignore the new IATA carry-on regulations. He says they are unfair and costly to consumers. You can read more here: New York Senator calls on airlines to scrap new carry on …

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TSA Precheck, Lewis N. Clark ElectroLight, OBOW Goes Mobile

TSA Precheck  If you were one of the fortunate few who got chosen for TSA Precheck in the past even though you never signed up for it, say goodbye to the privilege. TSA says that enough people have signed up …

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Shirt Cardboard

I travel with mostly button down shirts and use an Eagle Creek Packing Folder to help prevent wrinkles. But a packing folder is heavy compared to cubes and was wondering if there was a way to pack the shirts in …

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Size Matters

When it comes to carry-on bags, size and weight matters. We know that. And finally a major news outlet gets it as well. In their article, Size Matters, the BBC discusses which European airlines are the best and worst when …

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To Lock or Not To Lock

To lock, or not to lock, that is the question. I now what you’re thinking. We onebaggers don’t check  luggage.  They never leave our sight. Or do they? When was the last time you had to gate check your bag? …

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One question I get asked frequently is how can I afford to do the type of living and traveling I’ve embarked on. This is an interesting question because there is no one answer. I do many things, and have done …

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I think I may have made a mistake in the way some of you are perceiving where this site is going. One Bag, One World is a website dedicated to the light traveler. Whether it be for a weekend of …

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One Door Closes, Another One Opens

It’s done. I’m out and free. Well, almost. If any of you are planning to purge your stuff, downsize, or minimize what you have, let me give you one bit of advice: Allow yourself at least twice as much time …

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Saturday Night Live Airport Sketch

Not too far from the truth: Thanks to reader Neil for sending me this.

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