One question I get asked frequently is how can I afford to do the type of living and traveling I’ve embarked on. This is an interesting question because there is no one answer. I do many things, and have done …

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Can We Trust Bag Specs?


A couple of days ago, the folks at Tom Bihn let its  forum participants know that their long-awaited smaller Aeronaut would soon be announced. They said it would be called the Aeronaut 30 and gave the dimensions. Only the dimensions …

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I was recently asked how a one bag traveler handles purchases made while traveling. After all, if all we bring is one carry-on bag, where are we supposed to put all those souvenirs we buy? That’s easy….don’t buy them. Do …

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So, where am I going first?


In our last post, we discussed the steps I’m using to decide on where I’m going first. Honestly, I still haven’t decided the specifics but I am breaking it down into general areas. As an example, I’m attending  a travel …

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Where are you going first? Trip Planning 101


Whenever I tell anyone of my travel/life plans, the first thing they ask is: Where are you going first? (Sometimes they ask how I can afford it, but that’s a posting for another day.) The truth is….I don’t know. I’ve …

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Global Entry


With all the traveling I have planned over the next few weeks, months and  years, I needed to find a way to get through airports quicker–both coming and going. Security lines which at times can get very long was my …

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South Dakota: The Mecca For Full-Time Travelers


Everyone needs an address. Even those who travel full time need some type of physical address. Credit cards, insurance companies,, banks, the government, and so on, need an address even if you do everything on line. Most people’s first thought …

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Travel Minimalism


Minimalism, it seems, is very hot these days. It’s paring down your possessions into only what’s really needed and purging your home, office and life of items that are not deemed necessary. I’ve been reading many websites devoted to this …

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31 Travel Experts Share Their Best Tips for Packing Light


A couple of weeks ago, I asked for your best tips for packing light. This came about because I was asked to participate in a roundup article of travel writers and bloggers giving their best packing light tips. That blog …

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Tips for Packing Light


Last week,  Tortuga Backpacks contacted me about participating in an “expert’s roundup” response to the following question: “What’s Your Best, Non-Obvious Tip for Packing Light?” I gave it some thought over the weekend trying to weed out what advice I …

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