Faroe Islands


  Do you have a travel bucket list? I do. It’s not very big. Just a few key places I want to see before I can no longer travel. At the top of that list was the Faroe Islands. And …

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Divorcing a Hotel

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Where to begin?


  As I sit on the rooftop terrace of my Paris hotel–I think looking at the picture you would have guessed it was Paris–I realized it has been two weeks since I left for my little adventure and needed to …

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How Not To Gate Check A Bag


Many of us, including the most experienced onebaggers, have had to gate check a carry-on bag on the smaller, regional aircraft. While we don’t like be separated from our bags, we know gate-checking is not as bad as the regular …

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Craziest Travel Date Ever


I travel light. But every now and then I come across a story about someone or someones who take traveling light to the next level. There’s an article making waves around the internet about a couple, who had originally met …

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Another Bloody Tourist


In response to yesterday’s popular blog post on Six Ways To Avoid Looking Like A Tourist, I thought I’d relate a story when I was called out as one. Many years ago, during the early reign of Tony Blair, I …

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