Travel Minimalism

Minimalism, it seems, is very hot these days. It’s paring down your possessions into only what’s really needed and purging your home, office and life of items that are not deemed necessary. I’ve been reading many websites devoted to this …

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Best Passports

Earlier this week, a study was published purportedly stating which countries had the best passport. What do they mean by “best passport?” The criteria was simple: which country’s passport could get their citizens into the most countries without a visa. …

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NYC Tourist Tips

As a born and bred New Yorker, I can assure you everything you will hear in this video is absolutely true and should be mandatory viewing for every tourist:  

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Six Ways to Avoid Looking Like A Tourist

How to blend in? This is one of the most discussed topics on travel forums and bulletin boards. How not to look like a tourist. How to get people to think you’re a local. I have bad news… can’t. Unless …

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Facts That Will Make You Want to Travel

This video has been making the rounds of travel websites and I thought i’d share it with you:

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