But I dont want to go to school tomorrow

I was subtly reminded that I am not in school anymore and wasn’t supposed to take the summer off from this website. Oops, my bad. Fortunately, I’ve gathered lots of information from the trips I’ve taken–mistakes made, lessons learned, and …

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Is It Safe To Travel?


By now, just about everyone has heard of the terrorist attacks, and follow-up para-military police actions, in Paris, Brussels, Israel, Beirut, and Mali amongst other places. The headlines scream of violence and fear mongering and downright sensationalism. Is it safe …

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Every now and then, we take inventory of all the items we have reviewed and make many of them available to onebaggers at a discounted rate. The money we receive helps us to pay the bills and acquire new products …

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When Carry-On Luggage Isn’t Carry-On Size

Consumer Reports published an article today saying that many carry-on size bags don’t actually measure up to the manufacturer’s stated dimensions. Most, in fact, are actually larger. This is something I’ve pointed out numerous times especially when it comes to …

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Hotel Window


You never know what you’ll find outside your hotel window….. I’m back from sabbatical with lots of new gear to review, information to share, and ideas to help all of us travel easier.

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Carry-On Shame


We’ve all been there. Toting our sizer fitting, weight reduced,  carry-on bag, we’re confident  it will easily fit in the overhead bin. If we choose to have a   personal item it’s small enough to not only fit under the seat …

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Designing the Perfect Carry-On


A lot of bags pass through my door for review. Big bags, small bags, one compartment bags, multi compartment bags and so on. Many are similar but they all have at least one unique feature to keep them different from …

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As many of you know, I downsized from a two bedroom, two bath home into a 5′ x 5′ storage unit. Over on another board, a discussion was going on about my Carryology interview and how some people were inspired …

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One question I get asked frequently is how can I afford to do the type of living and traveling I’ve embarked on. This is an interesting question because there is no one answer. I do many things, and have done …

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South Dakota: The Mecca For Full-Time Travelers


Everyone needs an address. Even those who travel full time need some type of physical address. Credit cards, insurance companies,, banks, the government, and so on, need an address even if you do everything on line. Most people’s first thought …

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