Computer Problems

Greetings. Many of you are wondering why there have been so few postings during the last few months. I’d like to explain. When I went off on the first part of the Great Adventure, I packed light and instead of …

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Technology Tips

As I’m about to head out on another 2+ month trip to Europe, I want to share some technology/virtual tips that I used and found helpful on my last few trips. Cloud The cloud. I have started to use the …

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But I dont want to go to school tomorrow

I was subtly reminded that I am not in school anymore and wasn’t supposed to take the summer off from this website. Oops, my bad. Fortunately, I’ve gathered lots of information from the trips I’ve taken–mistakes made, lessons learned, and …

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Getting Sick On The Road

It’s inevitable. Anytime I travel more than a few days, I get sick. I don’t know if it’s the plane, the stress, the change of sleep habits, or what, but I usually get sick. On this trip, it took only …

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Faroe Islands

  Do you have a travel bucket list? I do. It’s not very big. Just a few key places I want to see before I can no longer travel. At the top of that list was the Faroe Islands. And …

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Divorcing a Hotel
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Where to begin?

  As I sit on the rooftop terrace of my Paris hotel–I think looking at the picture you would have guessed it was Paris–I realized it has been two weeks since I left for my little adventure and needed to …

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The Adventure Begins

  British Airways First Class Johnnie Walker Blue The Adventure Begins…………..

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New Packing Cubes

Over the past few months, there have been a slew of new packing cubes introduced–many in new sizes, shapes and materials. I have all of the ones mentioned in this post and will present them in alphabetical order to ¬†show …

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Spirit Airlines to Change Personal Item Size

Spirit Airlines, one of the first a la carte airlines to charge for just about everything, is changing the size of the allowable personal item carried on board. Spirit charges for a full size carry-on but allows a personal item …

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