The Adventure Begins

2016-04-20 11.03.47


British Airways

First Class

Johnnie Walker Blue

The Adventure Begins…………..

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2 Responses to The Adventure Begins

  1. Paula Bag Lass says:

    Is this you starting out on your international travels, after exploring your own country first? I think I remember you planning it that way quite a while ago.
    Nice way to start out, BA first class!! Good for you. Are you going to keep us informed of your locations, packing / bag, pros and cons etc.? Please do, I’ll be very interested, I’m sure other will too.

    Hubs and I are heading out on Air Canada business class next Friday, England for two weeks then to see my Dad in Spain. Flying “up front” has been on our bucket list for years, finally we can afford one way at least, (premium economy on the return leg). I must confess that knowing we’ll be comfortably lying down on the night flight, gives me a whole new positive attitude to long hauls, I’m actually looking forward to this part of the holiday.

    Bon voyage, safe travels and happy adventures. 🙂

  2. phillipw says:

    I took my daughter on her first trip to Europe on BA First Class (flying Sydney/London) some years ago when I had a surplus of frequent flier points accumulated over many years of business travel. These days I accumulate less points and find Business Class or Premium Economy a more effective use of points. Also, Business Class seems to me almost as good as First Class used to be, particularly with flat beds. Next trip is Cathay Pacific Business Class to the UK in two months time.