Gear Review: Tom Bihn Yeoman Duffel

Tom Bihn introduced a new bag today that is completely different than anything I’ve seen from that company since I became aware of them over 8 years ago.


The Yeoman Duffel is a larger than airline carry-on size bag designed for road trips, camping, lugging gear around town and even checking in when you have to take more than your normal one bag can handle.

The bag measures 24.6″ x 13.6″ x 12.8″/635mm x 345mm x 320mm and weighs 1 lb, 12 oz/795 grams. It holds 4330 cu in/71L.

There are no pockets inside or out, just one, big packing area. (The bag in the photo above has two fluffy king size pillows inside and there is still plenty of room.)

There’s a padded web handle on top and two side handles, #10YKK zipper and two “D” rings to add a shoulder strap.

Inside are five Tom Bihn signature “O” rings and a key strap.

The bag is made of 1050d ballistic nylon which means it will hold up to almost all types of rough handling. I would have no concerns checking this bag.

There is an interesting side story to the material. Normally, Tom Bihn is very picky as to the quality of the material of their other bags. They allow no blemishes. But sometimes the rolls of material they receive have areas where a blemish or two might show up and is then rejected. To avoid waste, Tom Bihn will use the blemished ballistic nylon to make the Yeoman Duffel. This will have no effect on the durability of the bag but may mean that each bag might have a slightly different look. You will be able to choose your color but not your “blemishes.”

Tom Bihn sent me the bag a few days ago and I did a test run with it. I was looking for something like this for a planned, extensive road trip. It held everything I needed to bring and due to its light weight didn’t make it difficult to carry. (If you’re just traveling by car and not taking any public transportation, why worry about only taking a carry-on size bag.)

The bag retails for $140. Some of you might think that is pricey for a simple duffel bag. You’re paying for the quality of workmanship and detail as well as the material. As I stated before, this bag will be able to handle abuse. I don’t know if I could say that for some of the cheaper, polyester duffles on the market.


And when not in use, it can be used to store your other travel goodies. That’s a Daylight Backpack (grey) on the left, a Daylight Briefcase (black) on the right, and a Large Cafe Bag (linen) with an Absolute Strap on top.

I realize this does not meet the definition of one bag travel. But at some point, many of us will need a slightly larger bag for one reason or another. This is a lightweight, non-wheeled, well made bag that should meet those needs.

The Yeoman Duffel is made in the USA.

Tom Bihn also introduced three new Freudian Slips designed specifically for their cafe bags. Note: the Large Cafe Bag size fits into the Tom Bihn Daylight Backpack.

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2 Responses to Gear Review: Tom Bihn Yeoman Duffel

  1. Jose says:

    This duffel, minus the D rings (too heavy for shouider carry anyway) and O rings and key strap, is a close equivalent of the Reddox medium aviator duffel, also very well made of 1000 d Cordura and with a # 10 YKK Vislon zipper, selling for less than half ($60.00).

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