Gear Review: Standard Luggage Carry-On Backpack

A couple of months ago, one of our readers told me about a new company, Standard Luggage, and their new Carry-on Travel Backpack.

I looked at their website, was intrigued, and asked if they would send me a bag. They did but I didn’t expect much.

Boy was I surprised. Rather than have me rattle off about the bag, it’s easier to just watch the video:


The specs are good:  21.5″ x 13.5″ x 7.5″ expandable to 9.5″,  capacity of  35L  expandable to 45L and weighing 3 lbs, 7oz. It should fit most international carry-on limits. The bag is made of 1680d ballistic nylon.


The bag comes with a rain cover, shoulder strap, and teal colored set of handle grips, zipper pulls and logo in addition to the orange ones that are attached. The logo is velcroed on.

My first impression of seeing the bag and going over it was “wow, they really thought of everything.” Plenty of pockets, dedicated areas for a laptop and a tablet and locking YKK zippers for the main and laptop compartments. (The front compartments can’t be locked.). Handle grips on two sides for easy storage.

The bag  holds its shape well but should be able to conform it needed to be stuffed into an overhead compartment. Unsecured items packed in the main compartment shift down somewhat when in backpack mode but nowhere near as bag as unstructured bags.

The backpack strap connectors hide away into their own small compartments.

Okay, there are a few minor details that I’ll bring up:  the luggage tag is too small for a standard size business card, there is no waist or hip belt, and if a laptop is put into the laptop compartment, it does take a little away from the main packing compartment. I spent time looking for more negatives but I just couldn’t find them.

Standard Luggage  is offering free worldwide shipping with distribution centers in Hong Kong, the U.S. and Europe. And the current sales price is…..$175. The bag is only available in black.

If you are a business person who needs to travel with a laptop, likes organization and would rather not have wheels, seriously look at this bag. It looks professional, is very well made of quality components and I have a feeling will hold up very well.

The company is based in Canada and the bag is made in China.

By the way, if you’re still not sure, let me add the one thing that should cinch the deal…..the sternum strap connector has a built-in whistle.

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3 Responses to Gear Review: Standard Luggage Carry-On Backpack

  1. teejaydee says:

    One of the appealing points of this bag for international travellers is the fact that its size will fit the current carry-on size limits of most airlines world-wide. For those with a desire or need to travel world-wide, this is a real boon.

    However, in expanded mode it falls foul of many airlines’ size restrictions. Expanded, the bag is 24 cm deep. Using a few example airlines, the bag becomes one centimetre too deep for US Airways, Air Asia, Jetstar and Air Berlin. As for Ryanair, in expanded mode it is four centimetres too deep.

    For anyone living and travelling only in Europe, there are bags better suited to maximising the luggage allowances of European airlines. The Standard bag is 34 cm wide, whereas Ryanair and Air Berlin allow a bag to be 40 cm wide, and EasyJet and British Airways allow 45 cm.

    For someone who wants to have a single bag, and who wishes to use it for world-wide travel, the sizes of this bag will prove to be an ideal compromise. Just be careful of using it in expanded mode.

  2. bostonsammy says:

    I got this bag and plan to use it for my upcoming trip to South America. So far, I am very impressed. My only fault is that it is slightly heavier than I would like and it looks more like a suitcase on your back than a backpack. The backpack straps seem great though. I also removed some of the zipper pulls because there were far too many. I only left the ones on the main compartment and two front pockets. I removed the ones from the laptop pocket and the expandable section (that I don’t intend to use)

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