Uzbekistan Airways to start weighing passengers


Photo courtesy of Uzbekistan Airways.

Photo courtesy of Uzbekistan Airways.


Uzbekistan Airways, the national airline of Uzbekistan, (go ahead, I’ll wait while you find it on a map), announced it will start weighing customers along with their hand luggage.

Just after checking in, passengers will be ushered to a machine that will record their combine weights. The airline says the weight will be recorded anonymously and only categorized as man, woman or child.

The airline makes no mention of any additional charges but claims they are doing this for safety purposes.  Some media outlets wonder if the airline might use this information to keep people of size off of smaller planes or crowded flights.

You can read the official airline statement here.

Uzbekistan Airways isn’t the first airline to weigh passengers.  Samoan Air, a small island hopping airline in the South Pacific, began weighing passengers in 2012. How much you pay for a ticket depends on how high are the numbers. The more you weigh, the more you pay.

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