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New Gear: Eagle Creek Weekend Bags, Pack It Sport

Anyone who regularly visits this website knows I’m a fan of the Eagle Creek Adventure Weekender. Earlier this summer, Eagle Creek came out with two new similar style bags. Eagle Creek Tarmac Weekend Bag   The Eagle Creek Tarmac Weekend Bag is a …

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Uzbekistan Airways to start weighing passengers

    Uzbekistan Airways, the national airline of Uzbekistan, (go ahead, I’ll wait while you find it on a map), announced it will start weighing customers along with their hand luggage. Just after checking in, passengers will be ushered to …

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Gear Review: LiteGear Mobile Pro

A few weeks ago, I became aware of a fairly new company making lightweight bags. They are called LiteGear and upon close inspection, many of their bags looked like copies of the same bags offered by Rick Steves. I was …

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