IATA rethinks its carry on initiative

In case you are following the saga of IATA and it’s proposed carry-on initiative, the news now is that the trade organization is rethinking the idea now that no North American airlines will abide by them. Here’s their press release:

IATA Pauses Rollout of Cabin OK to Reassess Initiative

Perhaps it’s because Airlines for America, the trade organization for U.S. based airlines, said no U.S. airline will sign on to it. Here is their press release explaining their position:

U.S. airlines reject smaller carry-on initiative

By the way, Canadian airlines Air Canada and Westjet have also rejected the initiative.

Interestingly, the only airlines to sign on to the initiative are those that already have somewhat restrictive carry-on rules.

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One Response to IATA rethinks its carry on initiative

  1. DannH says:

    From a totally selfish standpoint (sorry) I would like to see this happen. I suspect most of the people on this site could easily adjust and the rule would make non-One-Baggers take less room.