Gear Reviews: Bose 20i Noise Canceling Headphones, ConvertAHanger

I recently found two new products that have made their way onto my permanent packing list.

Bose 20i Noise Canceling Headphones

For years, I put off buying noise canceling headphones for a few reasons: They were big, bulky and cost a lot of money. As someone who travelled light, I didn’t want a pair of large, over the ear headphones finding their way into my carry-on. Even after learning that Bose made a very lightweight pair that fit in your ears, I hesitated. (Mostly because I hate in ear headphones.)

Yet the more I traveled, the more I saw them. I even spoke to one seat mate who had a pair of the in ear type. He raved about them. But I still wasn’t sold.

Then, a few weeks ago, I passed by a Bose store and thought I would try them out. I didn’t hate them. In fact, I liked them. They were comfortable and I hardly felt them in my ears.

But at $300 I took pause.

Luck seemed to be on my side as a few days later, Bose put them on sale for $50 off. And if I bought them through Amazon, I had 30 days to return them if I wasn’t happy.

I tested them on four different flights last week.


imageThe verdict: click on the link below and buy them. My life has changed. These little beauties, that fit in an included case about the size of a smartphone, and weighing only 2.6 oz/74 grams (including case) are terrific. They cut out almost all engine noise and limited the volume of conversations around me. If I wanted to hear any announcement being made I either had to take them off or turn off the noise canceling feature.

There are two versions: the 20 (for Android and Windows) and the 20i (for Apple). I have the 20i and they include an on/off switch, rechargeable battery via micro-usb port, volume control, play switch and microphone. They come with three different size ear buds so you can find which size fits best.

Bose claims you can get about 16 hours on one charge. I haven’t tried it for that long.

The sale is on through June 20.  Regular price: $299. Sale price: $249.

Bose 20i Noise Canceling Headphones




imageWe’ve all been there… that don’t use standard hangers but instead offer two theft proof type that only fit on their racks. They either have no hook or tiny ones.




Fortunately, one company has made a product that allows the traveler to convert those hangers to normal ones.

imageAnd they work great. I may now stop packing either inflatable or folding hangers and instead pack a couple of ConverAHangers since they are much smaller and lighter.


Two per pack. $9.95


OBOW is an Amazon affiliate. ConvertAHanger supplied their product for review. They also sent as couple of hangers I mentioned so I could try them out without waiting to find a hotel that uses them.

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5 Responses to Gear Reviews: Bose 20i Noise Canceling Headphones, ConvertAHanger

  1. gafer says:

    Thanks for the review Frank. I’m gnashing my teeth now for a pair of those Bose headphones. I have a pair of their over-the-ear headphones and love them but they are bulky and a little heavy (7oz) for one bag travel.

    The hanger adapters are a brilliant idea. Many times I have wanted to steam my suit after pulling it out of my bag but that darn hotel hanger ensured I couldn’t do it. My solution was to take along a bit of parachute cord and tie a couple half hitches on the hanger shank and then one on the shower rod. Takes way too much fussing for my liking. The adapter is a great idea. $15 with shipping for a pair is a little pricey but just might be worth it.

  2. Gol4Ram says:

    When one has an iPad and an Android phone, does one need two ose 20i and 20 no i Noise Canceling Headphones 🙁

    • Frank@OBOW says:

      Either model will offer noise canceling features. The difference is for answering calls and volume control.

      With an android phone, you might want to get the 20 version. You could use the controls on the headphone cable to answer calls and for volume control.

      The headphones will also work on your Ipad but you would just have to adjust the volume directly on the ipad and not from the headphones.

      No need to buy two.

  3. CAH-Team says:

    Frank – Thanks for the review.

    Here’s a 10% discount code for your readers!!

    Discount code: 1bag1world10%

    Thanks the ConvertAHanger team.

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