TSA Precheck, Lewis N. Clark ElectroLight, OBOW Goes Mobile

TSA Precheck

TSA logo If you were one of the fortunate few who got chosen for TSA Precheck in the past even though you never signed up for it, say goodbye to the privilege.

TSA says that enough people have signed up for Precheck or one of the other Trusted Traveler programs that offer the service, that only those who have done so will see Precheck in the future.

Occasionally some might get it as well but the agency say it will be very rare.


Lewis N. Clark ElectroLight

image Lewis N. Clark has added a second line of ultralightweight packing aids, toiletry bags, and miscellaneous items. It’s called the ElectroLight line.

What’s the difference between that and the Featherlight line we mentioned a few months ago?

The EletroLight line is made of silnylon (the same fabric used by Eagle Creek and Sea to Summit for their ultralight travel accessories) and the FeatherLight line is made of ripstop nylon. Both weigh about the same.  How do you choose? Simple. If one or the other has a product you want and the other line doesn’t, you’ll know which to get. If they both have a similar item, buy the color you prefer. It’s hard to tell the difference even though the silnylon is a little slicker.  The nice thing about the packing cubes for both lines are the mesh windows not found on other ultralight packing cubes. And they open fully on three sides.

Both lines have expandable/compression cubes as does both Eagle Creek lines of cubes. I’m working on a side by side comparison. Stay tuned.


OBOW Goes Mobile

OBOWcliplogo.jpg If you haven’t seen it yet, we have a new mobile site made specifically for smartphones. It has just about everything our regular site has except for some of the items found on the right side.  You should be taken there automatically on your smartphone. (If you prefer our regular site, there is a link at the bottom of the mobile page.)

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