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Tom Bihn

2015-03-10 16.01.45Tom Bihn announced a few new items today.  The Spiff Kit toiletry kit comes in two sizes and is available in four dyneema colors. They are seen on the left and right in the photo on the left. In the middle is a new small size Q-kit and in a new ballistic nylon color–burnt orange. They also introduced a new ballistic nylon Luggage Tag.


Just as important was the announcement that they are retiring the following bags/accessories for good:  ID, Zephyr, Ego, Super  Ego and Field Journal Notebook.  If you’ve ever wanted any of these, you’d better act quickly as they’ve made the last batch and when they are gone….they are gone.

I didn’t get a chance to try out the toiletry kits as they only arrived this morning, but I did spend some time looking them over and they seem well made. A nice, simple, practical design. Lightweight as well.


Travelon Bag Bungee

If any of you are using a wheeled bag and find it difficult to attach a second bag on top while rolling, I found the answer to the problem: the Travelon Bag Bungee.

Rather than try to explain how it works, just watch the video. I’ve tried the Bag Bungee out a few times and it’s great.   No more floppy second bag attached via those little  “add a bag” straps.

And before any comments are made, my Bag Bungee is in black, not leopard skin.


Travel Goods Show

Travel Goods ShowThe International Travel Goods Show, where buyers and sellers of luggage and travel accessories get together to check out what will be available later this year, opened today in Las Vegas.

I had hoped to make it out there but unfortunately I had a scheduling conflict.

However, I’m getting reports of new products and if I hear of anything that might be of interest to onebaggers, I’ll let you know.


Disclosure: Tom Bihn supplied the above mentioned products for review. OBOW is an Amazon affiliate.

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