Shirt Cardboard

Shirt CardboardI travel with mostly button down shirts and use an Eagle Creek Packing Folder to help prevent wrinkles.

But a packing folder is heavy compared to cubes and was wondering if there was a way to pack the shirts in cubes without them getting wrinkled. I was especially eager to use the newer ultralightweight cubes but they were so pliable there was no wrinkle protection.

Then I remembered when I used to get my dress shirts cleaned professionally and sometimes get them boxed. Each shirt had a cardboard inside to help prevent wrinkling.

Why couldn’t the same thing work now.

First, I had to find the cardboard. I must have tried at least ten stores with no luck. Finally, I went to a local dry cleaners and asked if I could buy a few. They looked at me as if I was somewhat strange, since they admittedly never had anyone ask that before, but sold me six for 25 cents each. They measured 12″ x 8″.

I folded the shirts using the cardboard as my folding board, kept the cardboard inside and placed them in an ultralightweight cube.

It worked. While still not as good as a folder, they seemed to be okay.

I might still go back to a folder, but if anyone out there doesn’t already own a packing folder and wants a lightweight, inexpensive way to pack dress shirts, this may be a solution for you.

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2 Responses to Shirt Cardboard

  1. gafer says:

    Interesting idea Frank. I used to use a packing folder but found too often my shirts ended up with creases. I also quit using it due to the extra weight as you mentioned.

    I’ve had really good luck with bundle wrapping my dress shirts with the dress shirts on the outer most layers of the bundle. I buy the wrinkle free pinpoint oxford shirts from L.L. Bean. These are very wrinkle resistant and freshen up very well with some steam in the bathroom or a quick touch with an iron.

  2. TheMadBrewer says:

    Eagle Creek has a lightweight Specter folder. I’ve used it on dozen or so trips with no problems. Not all that much heavier than a cube.