Cuba, Expedia/Travelocity, Skymall

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havana capitalIn case you haven’t heard, the U.S. is easing restrictions on travel and trade with Cuba. While, technically, American citizens can’t go there strictly for “tourist” purposes, there are enough new reasons to obtain a visa that almost anyone qualifies.

It also means Cuban products will soon be available for purchase in the U.S. It’s been a long time since I had a Cuban cigar.

Many U.S. airlines, tour companies, and hotel companies are beginning to look at how they can expand into that island nation.



expedia1Expedia is buying the travel  booking site Travelocity for $280 million.

Expedia already owns other travel sites like,,, and among others.

Users of Travelocity will probably not notice any difference as Travelocity has been using Expedia’s travel databases for nearly two years.




skymallSkymall, the Amazon of the skies, has declared bankruptcy.

At least their parent company has.

Found in most airline seat back pockets, the Skymall catalog helped passengers while away the time looking at products they didn’t need. It was part of the entertainment.

However, now, with the plethora of electronic devices being brought on board, interest in Skymall has waned. Xhibit, the parent company of Skymall, is hoping someone will buy the Skymall brand and continue to operate it.

Yes, I’ll admit that many years ago I did buy something from the Skymall catalog….but I don’t remember what it was.¬† Anyone reading this buy something from them?


TSA and Firearms

TSA logoIn 2014, TSA confiscated 2,214 weapons at its airport checkpoints.

That’s an increase of 22% over 2013 and an average of six a day. Eighty three percent were loaded.


They were found at 224 different airports with Dallas/Ft. Worth leading the way with 120.

TSA also reported that in 2014 they screened 653 million passengers, or about 1.8 million/day, which is an increase of 14.8 million passenger from the year before.

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One Response to Cuba, Expedia/Travelocity, Skymall

  1. Paula Bag Lass says:

    Learn something new every day……..I use and didn’t know Expedia owns them.
    I’m registered on and have already earned a free night in a hotel (ten and you get one free). To add to that I book on that site through and save more money!
    I’ve only got another three hotels to book/use then I get another freebie.

    I watched the news about Cuba / USA on the BBC a while back, the reporter mentioned (tongue in cheek) that money injected in to the Cuban economy through increased tourism would enable them to upgrade their cars. I was talking about that with a few Canadian colleagues (who holiday down there) thought that was a sad thing, half the charm of visiting Havana is enjoying the time travel sensation back to the 1950s, because of those old cars. I don’t suppose the Cubans feel that way, they’ve had to make do with what they’ve got.

    Er, yes I bought two items from Skymall on different flights.
    One natty little fold-up travel alarm clock that I still use… must be about fifteen years old now.
    The other was one of the best all-in-one travel make up palettes by Lancome, a bit pricey but it lasted a long time and had travelled well by the time it disintegrated.
    Fortunately, Malaga airport (which I use every year), sells many varieties of this original version. Excellent for carry-on travel (eye shadow, lippy, lip /eye liner pencils, powder foundation, brushes/sponge, mini mascara and a pop up mirror).