More Fees and Program Changes

More fees and program Changes are coming to travel in 2015 and none are good for the traveler

Jet Blue

Jet Blue Embraer 190Jet Blue announced two changes that will affect passengers.

The airline will initiate a new three tier pricing system. Those paying at the lowest tier will no longer get a free checked bag. The middle tier will get one free checked bag, and the highest tier will get two free checked bags.

This leaves Southwest as the only airline still offering a free checked bags to all passengers.

Additionally, Jet Blue will decrease seat pitch, the distance between seats, by 1.6 inches (34.7 inches to 33.1 inches.) Even after the change, Jet Blue will have a larger seat pitch than the majors.  The airline said by doing this, they can add 15 more seats per plane.

The changes came about after pressure was applied by stock holders and Wall Street analysts looking for ways to increase Jet Blue’s revenue. The airline believes these changes will increase revenue by about $400 million.

Expect the changes sometime during the first half of 2015.


MarriottBeginning in 2015, both Marriott and Hilton will change their cancellations policies.

Right now, in most cases, guests can cancel their reservation, without penalty, the day of arrival.

Starting next year, cancellations must be made 24 hours before arrival–i.e. the day before. If not, the first night’s fee will be charged.

IHG properties already follow this new rule.


Frequent Flyer Programs

frequent flyersIf you’re a member of a frequent flyer program, or programs, I suggest you check out the changes taking place in almost all of them. Here’s a hint….it’s getting harder to not only earn miles but reach elite status as well.

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