Binder Clips, Toothbrushes, etc.

Every now and then, I come across travel tips or interesting products that don’t necessarily merit a posting of their own. Instead, I’ll combine a few into one post.

IMG_0084.2014-11-14_164852Binder  Clips….a staple in every office. But they can also be used for travel purposes. At left, one is used to protect the head of a razor. The other to keep wires rolled up.

I picked up a pack of eight binder clips that size for $1 at Dollar Tree.



IMG_0085.2014-11-14_164907In case you were wondering what this is, it’s a portable, USB powered, humidifier. It’s 2 inches in diameter and weighs 2.4 oz. Drop it into a glass or cup of water (it floats),  plug it in, and a spray of moist air shoots up. Touch it for either a blue  or yellow light to come on. One is for three hours and the other for six. (I forgot which is which.) It will shut off automatically if you run out of water. (A tip, put a small towel or washcloth underneath the glass/mug as the area around it tends to get wet from the spray.)

It won’t add moisture to an entire room, but place it near you and it helps. I used it last winter when the heater dried out the air in the room.  I bought it at Think Geek.  $15

I know what you’re thinking….water and electricity don’t mix. Plug this into a USB port on your computer and you’re liable to get a wet computer. Plug it into a USB wall plug and that’s a direct link to disaster. What I did was plug the humidifier into the backup charger I have for my small devices. It doesn’t use much power.


senzacare2Toothbrushes…..Most dentists suggest using an electric toothbrush over the old standard manual one. But most of the electrics are bulky and heavy, and the majority of the cheap battery electric models are lacking in power.

I found the Senzacare TravelSonic2 and the company was kind enough to send me one.


IMG_0089.2014-11-14_165024As you can see from the photo on the left, it’s smaller than a standard manual toothbrush and weighs less as well.  (6.4 inches long and it weighs 2.4 oz.) It takes one AAA battery and the heads are replaceable. According to Senzacare, the brush has 24,000 sonic movements (vibrations to you and me) per minute.

There is another model that looks just like and is readily available in retail establishments. I bought one of  those to compare and hated it. My gums were sore for days. Not so with the Senzacare.

They sell for $17.95 and come in assorted colors. You can also get it on Amazon for two dollars less. I recently purchased a pack of three replacement heads (see photo above) from Amazon as well. $8

I don’t use this toothbrush at home but I have taken it on the road to save a few ounces.

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