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Venice Bans Wheeled Bags

Venice, Italy, one of the most beautiful and visited places on the planet will ban all wheeled luggage beginning in May of 2015. Anyone tugging a wheeled bag with rubber wheels will be subject to a fine up to 500 …

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More Fees and Program Changes

More fees and program Changes are coming to travel in 2015 and none are good for the traveler Jet Blue Jet Blue announced two changes that will affect passengers. The airline will initiate a new three tier pricing system. Those …

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Binder Clips, Toothbrushes, etc.

Every now and then, I come across travel tips or interesting products that don’t necessarily merit a posting of their own. Instead, I’ll combine a few into one post. BinderĀ  Clips….a staple in every office. But they can also be …

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Hotel Window

You never know what you’ll find outside your hotel window….. I’m back from sabbatical with lots of new gear to review, information to share, and ideas to help all of us travel easier.

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