Sabbatical mugIn case you’ve been wondering, I’ve been on a sort of self-imposed sabbatical for the past three weeks or so.

I didn’t really plan it, it just happened. I needed a little break from everything and decided to spend the time relaxing and planning the next phases of life.

While I haven’t posted for a while, it doesn’t mean I haven’t been working on future post. We have lots of new gear reviews to do, will soon be initiating a new type of post called “Tidbits” that will include groupings of useful information none of which deserves its own posting.

I’ve also been working on some new postings for our “OBOW Tutorials” section found on the address bar above.

Some of  you may also be wondering what happened to all the travel that was planned but I  haven’t talked about. As many of you know, a little over six months ago I moved into an extended stay hotel with the plan of spending a short time there before heading out. Unfortunately, a few medical and dental setbacks have forced me to stay put. Nothing ultra serious but it’s easier to take care of these things staying in one place rather than moving around.  (I’ll also do a posting on what it’s like living in a hotel.)

One last thing….occasionally,  we put items we’ve reviewed up for sale at a big discount. We do this to help pay for the site and let us buy new products to review.

I’d like to add three bags for sale:

Rail Riders Journey Pack–there are two of them: one in black and one in black/red.  $89

eBags TLS Professional Weekender  $99

All the bags are in basically new condition and the prices include free ground shipping to the lower 48.

If interested, send me an email. The link is on the address bar above.

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One Response to Sabbatical

  1. elizabeth says:

    Hi Frank–Well, life is an art, not a science. I check in every once in a while to see what’s happening– Do keep us updated. This has been a huge life change for you, and I would think there is a certain amount of adjusting to it that you need to do.

    I just did a five-day trip by car, and used my Tom Bihn Tri-star, needing the center compartment for my MacBook Air 11″. (Otherwise I really prefer the Western Flyer.) I took a toiletries tote that was big enough to hold full-size products, so I didn’t need to dink around with minis. In a canvas tote bag, I put four paperbacks and my full-size hairdryer, not intending to carry this bag out of the car, but just using it to keep those things in. I spent two nights with friends, and two nights in a youth hostel. In retrospect: I really should have taken the time to set up a little toiletry case with minis that would have fit into the Tri-Star. Both my friend’s home and the Hostel involved climbing up a flight of steps to get to the front doors. Had everything been in the Tri-Star, with my small purse worn cross-body as the only other bag, it would have been easier and a more elegant packing solution. I found that I could chose a book and slip it into the Tri-Star, but at both venues, surprisingly, I needed the hair dryer, which meant carrying it in separately in my hand. I will look for a small travel hair dryer. I have another similar but longer trip scheduled for next month, so will refine my techniques and post how it goes. It’s easy to think on a car trip that you can take a lot more and don’t need to be so picky about one-bag techniques. I’m finding that that’s not necessarily true. The trip next month will again involve staying at homes where a lot of outside and inside stairs are involved and where there may be snow and ice to cart my bags through. Obviously, I will have extra winter gear in the car in case of problems or roadside emergencies, but I’ll definitely hone my one-bag skills for getting in and out of the houses and up and down their staircases inside.