Size Matters

bbc size mattersWhen it comes to carry-on bags, size and weight matters.

We know that. And finally a major news outlet gets it as well.

In their article, Size Matters, the BBC discusses which European airlines are the best and worst when it comes to carry-on bags–or “hand luggage” as they call it.

Included in the article is a chart, grouped by size, of the size and weight limits of each airline.

Note to my fellow Americans:  I realize we are metrically challenged and the chart in the article is in centimeters and kilograms. Below are links to two conversion sites that will turn centimeters into inches and kilograms into pounds.

Centimeters to Inches
Kilograms to Pounds

One small note…the airlines seem to be continually changing their carry-on rules and limits. It’s still best to check directly with the airlines to find out what the policies are the day you want to fly.

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2 Responses to Size Matters

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  2. Paula Bag Lass says:

    Air Canada are cracking down on carry-on now……..
    Fortunately they seem to be getting strict with those who carry-on too much and too big. This coincides with them making pax pay for a checked in bag, they know most will try to carry-on instead of paying.
    Thankfully their size and weight has not changed and I’ve always been well under that, to the point that I stick my bag under the seat.