Ryanair To Add Business Class

ryanair Ryanair, the airline that virtually invented nickel and diming its passengers, announced it will soon start business class service.

“Business Plus,” as the new service will be called,  will offer those shelling out extra money, many of the same services for free that the airline normally charges as add-on fees.

These include:

-the ability to change to another flight on the day of travel and to any airport in the destination country.

-one free checked bag up to 20 kg (44 lbs.)

–faster security lines at many airports

–no special section or seats but they will get priority boarding and the ability to reserve the bulkhead or emergency rows because they offer more leg room.

I know, you must be thinking, there’s a catch…….You’re right.

To get these services for free they must be selected at time of booking. Should you forget, you’ll be charged the same as everyone else.

And that also goes for food and drink. “Business Plus” passengers will have to pay just like those paying a lot less to go to the same place on the same plane.

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