Free Use of TSA PreCheck To Disappear

TSA PrecheckOver the past few months, numerous travelers have reported being sent to the TSA PreCheck security lines even though they had never applied to the program or paid any fees.

That’s about to change.

According to the TSA, the PreCheck program has become so successful that it will soon only allow those who have actually signed up, with PreCheck or other Trusted Traveler programs, to use the lanes.

This will also help to alleviate the vast number of complaints, by frequent travelers in the program, about clogged up lines. Uninitiated passengers sent to the PreCheck lanes¬† still took of their shoes, belts, overcoats, and removed their 3-1-1 bags and laptops even though they didn’t have to do so.¬† That caused backups.

One other benefit of PreCheck is getting to use the metal detectors and not the newer, and more intrusive, body scanners. However, there are a few PreCheck enrollees who have metal plates in their bodies and complained they were always singled out because the metal detectors always alarmed. Now, the TSA is putting modified body scanners near the PreCheck lines for those who alert the metal detectors and would prefer a body scan over a patdown.

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3 Responses to Free Use of TSA PreCheck To Disappear

  1. hamster says:


    Pre-check really worked like a well-oiled machine when it was just experienced Frequent flyers using it.

  2. gafer says:

    Thanks for the heads up Frank. Time to sign up for Global Entry – it’s a better value than TSA pre in my view.