Top Business Travel Blogger

10best usa travelI’m very honored to announce that I have been nominated as one of the top 10 business travel bloggers by 10Best, a division of USA Today Travel.

This was a big surprise as I had no idea I was being considered.

You, the reader, will decide who wins. Iif you like OBOW, please consider voting for me.  Voting starts today and runs through August 25th. You can vote daily should you feel so inclined.
Best Business Travel Blogger Ballot

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8 Responses to Top Business Travel Blogger

  1. gafer says:

    Congratulations Frank. I just voted for you and hope you come out on top!

  2. Ed says:


  3. Alan says:

    Congrats, Frank!!! But I see from the darkened out face that you are still in the Witness Protection Program!!! LOL!!!
    I hope you win!!!!

  4. elizabeth says:

    Remember, everybody, that we can vote daily. Let’s keep Frank up at the top!

  5. Paula Bag Lass says:

    I’ve been voting from home and work! Good luck Frank, hope you win.

    LOL Alan! That’s his passport photo! 🙂

  6. elizabeth says:

    Come on, Team Frank!! As Paula said, if you have a home computer and also a different computer at work, vote daily from both! We may not know what he looks like, ha-ha. He might really be Elvis. But we know how practical and useful this blog has been over the years.

  7. Frank@OBOW says:

    I thank all of you for voting.

    The strange thing is…they requested a photo and I sent it. Either they didn’t get it or they are just not using it? Hmmmm?????

    I guess I wouldn’t mind if they used my passport photo. But my Global Entry ID photo looks as if they took a funhouse mirror reflection.

  8. gafer says:

    Frank finished fourth! That’s awesome! Congratulations, Frank!