European Union Lowers Cellphone Roaming Charges

EU logoThe European Union this week lowered the maximum rate its carriers can charge while roaming in the EU.

This chart will show you the list of changes in regards to phone calls, texts and data.

They only apply to those who either have contracts or use sim cards from European based carriers. If you’re from a non-EU country, and bring your cellphone company’s international plan or utilize their roaming capabilities, they can still charge what they like.

Be forewarned about a few other things:

–if you travel outside the EU and are using an EU based cell company, the new roaming rates go out the window and they can charge what they like.

–to offset the lowering of roaming charges, cellphone companies may raise rates on initial plans and sim cards. In other words, a local call may become more expensive to offshoot the loss.


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