Eagle Creek Announces New Products

Eagle CreekEvery July 1, Eagle Creek announces new products. Today was no exception.

While most are geared for outdoors/adventure/heavy packers, there were a few items that might be of interest to onebaggers.



Specter ecubeThere is a new line of Specter ecubes available in large ($38), medium ($25) and small ($20) or as we used to call them cube, half cube and quarter cube. These are lightweight, padded and have removable dividers. Made specifically for electronic and camera gear.




EC Packagle DaypackA new Packable Daypack ($28), Packable Duffel ($30) and Packable Tote ($25)





Silicone bottlesA new line of Silicone Bottles available in both 2 oz. and 3 oz. versions with 2 bottles in each set. There is also a full set of four–two of each size. ($13/$15/$30) The set of four comes in a clear, quart size Travel Sac that can be bought separately for $6.



Activate Wheeled BackpackThe Activate Wheeled Backpack. ($220) It measures a real 21 x 14 x 8.5, including wheels and handles, and weighs only 5.5 lbs. The backpack straps stowaway when not in use.

Eagle Creek sent us one for review and it should be up in a few days.



You may have noticed that Eagle Creek is introducing brighter colors such as red, blue and yellow into some of their newer bags.

They’ve also added the colors “beet” and “ocean blue” to many of their Specter products. I have all the colors except “Ocean Blue.” Must speak to Eagle Creek about that. 🙂

Some other colors for Specter such as Jade (dark green) and Yellow have been floating around as proprietary colors at certain stores. I’m not sure if that will continue or if they have been phased out.

If you’d like to see all of Eagle Creek’s new products, you can find them here.





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One Response to Eagle Creek Announces New Products

  1. bchaplin says:

    I do like the Specter packing cubes and sacs, both compressible and non, and have a fair collection by now. You really can’t beat them for weight savings, even compared to the Tom Bihn organizers, though aesthetically they are not my favorite. I find it useful to mix the two. Thanks for the heads-up on these new items.