Gear Review: Allett Wallets

IMG_0422I was recently sent samples of two wallets from Allett claiming that they make the “World’s Thinnest Wallet.”

While I’m not going to buy every thin wallet on the market to test their theory, I will say these wallets are thin, lightweight and fairly well made.

You get a choice of leather or soft nylon and some come with RFID blocking.

The wallets come in numerous styles for both men and women.  They’re also made in the USA.

I asked for the “international” version (on the right in the photos) to see if it would really hold non-U.S. currency. I can honestly say a £20 British note fit with room to spare.

They even come in a nice gift box.

All right, I know, it’s not much of a review but….how much can you say about wallets? Think of it more as an introduction of a product some of you might like. Especially us guys who need to carry a wallet in our front pockets to prevent pickpocketing but don’t want a big bulge in our “nether regions.” (Okay, maybe some of you do.)


Allett supplied the wallets for review. However, that had no influence on the review–or lack of one in this case.

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3 Responses to Gear Review: Allett Wallets

  1. elizabeth says:

    Frank, can you give us an idea of what it will actually hold? Like how many bills and credit cards/IDs, whatever. Can you put any coins in it? Is it comparable to a Taxi wallet in any way? Thanks.

  2. Frank@OBOW says:

    The problem is there are lots of designs and each one holds something different.

    If you go to their website, they have multiple photos of each design and a description of what it will hold.

    They are not like taxi wallets.

  3. MaxD says:

    I really like these products. They are small enough to be delivered in a plain old envelope in the daily mails. I have the international one and also the one that is larger – when you open it up, there are four card slots, 2 X 2. In these slots you can fit approx 3 cards each. These models both are durable but will eventually wear out. However, at this price, it’s not a big deal. I like them because on the international model I can keep driver’s license, some cash, maybe a couple of business cards and a couple of credit cards. It is small enough to fit in a front pocket easily. If you sign up on their web site they will often send out coupons. I load up the larger one with all the supermarket card, drugstore, gift cards, things like that. I seldom carry it but I can know where to find the cards I want.