Reinventing the Packing List

I am not the neatest person in the world.  Even here at my hotel I need to shove things into a drawer or the closest when the housekeeper wants to clean.

When traveling, however, I prefer to stay neat and organized. I do that with the aid of a packing list and packing accessories such as cubes, folders and sacs.

Normally, I group things, like the list on the left, into categories. But I’m thinking of doing something different for long-term travel.

Once I’m completely packed and ready to go, I’ll take inventory of everything I have and list them under the packing accessory they’re in.

As an example, I might list:
Travelon Packing Squares (blue)
-international adapters
-backup battery
–charging cables

This way, when I pack up, I’ll know where everything goes and will have less of a chance to leave anything because I’ll have the list and be able to check that each “container” has all the items in that it’s supposed to have. It seems to me that it’s a way to not just stay organized but also efficient.

What do you think? Good idea? Too complicated? Already doing this?

Regarding the above mentioned Travelon Packing Squares, I recently found these in a local luggage shop. I liked them enough that I ordered a second set from Amazon. (Be aware, if you order them from Amazon, they will more than likely be a different set of colors. ) They come in a set of three.

One side is dark and the other is mesh. Great for electronics or smaller items. And easy for airport security to look at the items without having to unpack.

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5 Responses to Reinventing the Packing List

  1. rica4do says:

    I think this is way to go Frank! I am just starting with packing cubes but that is how I am organizing my packing list for my next trip.

  2. Paula Bag Lass says:

    Good idea.
    I tend to group my items into cubes and stuff sacks (different colours and brands). My most recent cube purchase was in London last week (I’m still ‘away’ in Spain right now), bought a medium size cube, double zip/compartment, at the Muji store.
    So for example:
    Muji Navy cube holds all bottoms and tops.
    Half specter Orange cube holds PJs and underwear.
    Half green Lug cube holds toiletries, make-up, jewellery, laundry items.
    Black stuff sack holds all gadgets (includ. Kindle and cell phone).
    Clear Ziploc baggy holds travel wallet and all important papers, cash, print-outs etc.
    With everything filed into those few holders, I know where everything should be at any given moment, but I just do a generic list without referencing what they’re packed in.
    I think if I were attempting your trips and proposed lifestyle, I would be more vigilant with my packing list. Like I said, good idea!

  3. UnaV says:

    I’ve been thinking about the packing list too. I never know where to put the “misc” stuff (aka stuff that’s not clothing or toiletries) and they end up in random pouches/bags/cubes/pockets/etc. I have a generic-to-me packing list on a spreadsheet, I’m going to add a “packed in” column to help identify where things are packed. Thanks for the idea 🙂

  4. OzBarb1 says:

    I group mine in categories in my packing lists, and in my pack but they are not necessarily the same eg wires, chargers etc in mesh bag, tops in one folder, grooming in pink pencilcase, clear zip Paranoia pack for liquids… May colour code packing list entries to match container colour.

  5. Jaye says:

    I too use color-coded packing cubes with mesh tops. Though my packing list doesn’t designate what is in which cube, I’ve used the system for so long that I know my electronics will be in the blue cube, first aid and personal hygiene in red, tops and bottoms in black, swimwear in orange and unmentionables and PJs in the green one. I like your idea though and may add the letter of the cube color to my son’s list – e.g. “Phone charger – B, Swim trunks – O” – to encourage him to be a more efficient packer.