But Monsieur, Le train, elle est trop grande!!!

French trains(The following post should be read in your best French accent.)

Ah, ze trains of France. So elegante, so qweek, so romantique.

Everyone wants to ride ze French rails. So many, dat ze French rail company, SNCF, spent 15 billion Euros ($20.5 billion US) on new choo choos.

But, wait, zeyre is a problem. Ze new trains, zey are too wide for some of ze train stations. Ze gaps between platforms at ze older stations are too narrow for ze new trains.

Mon Dieu. How could this happen? It seems zat RFF, ze operator of ze French rail network, only measured  ze modern train stations.   It was those measurements  given to ze manufacturer.

Ooh la la. What are they doing to do?

Most likely over a two-hour lunch, RFF and SNCF decided to spend 50 million euros to upgrade some 1300 stations so zey can accommodate ze new trains.

We were reassured that even with these problems, the French employees were able to stick to their government mandated 35 hour work week and got in a couple of strikes for good measure.

Problem solved. Pass the brie.


Disclaimer: No snails were harmed in the writing of this post.

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One Response to But Monsieur, Le train, elle est trop grande!!!

  1. elizabeth says:

    Zut, alors. Mais je ne parle pas français. Je ne comprend pas votre post!!