Gear Review: eBags TLS Mother Lode Weekender Convertible Junior

Ebags Mother Lode Weekender JuniorThree years ago I did a review of the eBags TLS Mother Lode Weekender Convertible.

You can read it here.

Now take 2 1/2 inches off the length and you have  the junior version.

That’s right, the two bags are exactly the same just a difference in length. All the same pockets, straps, and security features. It comes with both a shoulder and waist strap.

The junior version is 19.5″ x 14″ x 9″, 3 lbs, 5 oz and holds 2538 cu. in.

It’s a little heavy for a smaller than maximum carry-on, but like its big sister, has many bells and whistles that add weight.

It sells for $75 but if you wait for a discount coupon, and go through Ebates,  you can get it as low as $50 including free shipping.

If you’re on a budget, and don’t need the maximum carry-on, this is a bag to consider.

eBags TLS Mother Lode Weekender Convertible Junior.

Disclaimer: One Bag, One World is an affiliate of both Ebags and Ebates. However, this has no influence on the review given.

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5 Responses to Gear Review: eBags TLS Mother Lode Weekender Convertible Junior

  1. BMEPhDinCO says:

    I’ve used this bag for a few trips now and found it works really well for my needs. For my frame and height (5’4), this does come to a better position on my back and feels more comfortable to carry for longer walking routes. I still can get everything in it that I need to and it fits easily under the seat on a plane.

  2. Paula Bag Lass says:

    I’m gnashing my teeth over this bag. I really like the storage design, although 18 inches would be my perfect bag length, but the weight of it is causing my hesitation.
    With the Junior I could truly one bag.
    I would only need to use cubes for non-clothing items. I learned to Army-roll my tops, so no need for cubes in the main compartment.
    I’m whittling down my packing list even more (owing to some lessons learned during my May trip), so what I lose in weight on my list would be added back by the weight of Junior.
    My physiotherapist advised that a backpack would be better for me than any other type of bag.
    I think I would have to invest in that Tom Bihn shoulder strap if I purchase the Junior, if I’m going to carry it over-shoulder, I want to be comfortable doing it.
    Aaaargghhhhh………..I think I’ll sleep on it!

  3. Frank@OBOW says:

    Tom Bihn will be announcing their new 30L bag later this month. I don’t know anything about it except its measurements:

    Exterior Dimensions: 19.7 x 12.6 x 7.9″ / 500 x 320 x 200mm

    It’s called the “Aeronaut 30.”

    Paula–what about the Eagle Creek Adventure Weekender? It’s much lighter than the eBags Junior but more expensive.

    I also use the Tom Bihn Absolute Strap on every bag I carry. I have a very bad left shoulder so I tend to carry my carry-on bags messenger style with the shoulder strap on my right shoulder and the bag on my left hip. That’s when I’m not carrying it on my back.

  4. Paula Bag Lass says:

    Funny that you mention EC Frank, I was looking at the EC Digi Hauler, unfortunately 2 inches longer but only 1lb 14oz. More flimsy than Junior but compartment-wise, it’s a similar-ish design.

    I had a look at the EC Adventurer, nice bag………I like that too and my Canadian travel gear place has it on sale for $127 (for which I would earn reward points).
    Oh dear…….more teeth gnashing and probably in my sleep!!!
    I am definitely buying the TB Strap.

  5. Paula Bag Lass says:

    Thank you Frank!
    I’ve just ordered the Eagle Creek Adventure Weekender.
    It has taken four days of decision but common sense and your recommendation won over and I purchased it from my fave Canadian travel gear place ( It was on sale from CAD $159.99 down to $127.99, free shipping and a bunch of reward points.
    At some point later on I will order the Tom Bihn strap and use that on the weekender (and all my other shoulder bags, I also carry cross body to save my back and leave me hands free…..on public transport and in crowded places. At airports, I prefer using backpack style).
    Thanks again. 🙂