ebatesOne question I get asked frequently is how can I afford to do the type of living and traveling I’ve embarked on.

This is an interesting question because there is no one answer. I do many things, and have done many things, to save money and lower costs.

One big one was to join Ebates, an online rebate program.

How does it work? It costs nothing to join. Once registered, you go to the Ebates website and see if the retailer or supplier you want to shop with offers coupons. If they do, you click on the coupon, you’ll get notice that the coupon has been accepted and then taken to the retailer’s website. You don’t buy from Ebates, it’s just a conduit.

Once you make your purchase, within a few days, depending on the retailer, you’ll get an email telling you the amount of your rebate. Every quarter a commission check is deposited automatically in your PayPal account.

What does this have to do with travel? Almost every hotel chain, most airlines, rental car companies, and even online booking services offer coupons. As an example, Holiday Inn hotels and all their sister properties offer an 8% rebate, Expedia 5%, Orbitz 6.5%,  Ebags 12%.

By simply going through Ebates, which takes about 15 seconds, you could wind up saving hundreds of dollars.

There are other rebate companies out there but I find Ebates to be the best in terms of travel.

While this may sound like a commercial pitch, I would not recommend this if I didn’t think you could really save some money.  If you think this is something you’d be interested in, please use one of the links embedded in this post.. We’ll get credit for it and  receive a small referral fee. All these small referral fees I tell you about helps to keep this website ad free.

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One Response to Ebates

  1. Paula Bag Lass says:

    I’ve been using ebates for a couple of years now, received $100 + in the first 8 months. Now I’ve wised up on how to fully utilize it…….booked our flights and all the hotels on hotels.com through it……..I’m earning even more money back. Public holiday specials are a treat, double, triple or sometimes quadruple the percentage of money back. Lovely, every little helps, especially for travel!