One Door Closes, Another One Opens

storageboxesIt’s done. I’m out and free.

Well, almost.

If any of you are planning to purge your stuff, downsize, or minimize what you have, let me give you one bit of advice:

Allow yourself at least twice as much time as you think you’ll need. And if you can afford it, hire professional help.

During those last few days when I was clearing out my house, the stress level was beyond description. I didn’t think I’d be finished in time. I literally found myself walking in circles not knowing where to start and muttering “I just want this stuff out of here.”

So I cheated. I put a couple of extra boxes in storage and a couple of other boxes found themselves in my hotel room. Over the next couple of weeks I’ll go through them and decide what to keep, what to give away and what to trash.

On the bright side, I felt nothing as my stuff was carted away. I had no emotion when I walked through my empty house just prior to turning over my keys. I was ready. It was time.

The number one question I’m being asked isĀ  where am I going first. I wish I knew. I was so busy packing and purging that I haven’t given any thought to the actual travel.

Over the next few days and weeks, I’ll be posting quite a bit of information about what I went through and where I’m going. If there is anything in particular you want me to discuss, let me know.

I’m off to try to learn Windows 8. Just prior to moving I bought an ultra-lightweight PC and it came with Windows 8. It’s going to take me a few days to learn it,……a few days I’ll never get back.

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3 Responses to One Door Closes, Another One Opens

  1. RichardB says:

    Congratulations and good luck!! I look forward to reading about your adventures and advice for travel as it happens.

  2. Steven V says:

    good luck…with two kids and a wife dropping everything to travel is a long ago let go dream..though retirement is only 14 years away…..

  3. ITC-Flyer says:

    I can highly recommend startisback as a start menu replacement for Windows 8 if you want to use desktop mode as you did in Windows 7. You can also disable the lock screen if you’re using a normal laptop (not recommended for a hybrid tablet, or 360 degree swivel).

    Our last move (me, the wife and 3 kids) took 9 days from decision until the removalists emptying the house, but we had a lot of help from friends. It’s amazing how much “stuff” you accumulate in 12 years (and how much you don’t need or don’t even remember that you have).