How Not To Gate Check A Bag

gate checkMany of us, including the most experienced onebaggers, have had to gate check a carry-on bag on the smaller, regional aircraft.

While we don’t like be separated from our bags, we know gate-checking is not as bad as the regular bag check since we leave and retrieve our satchel at the plane’s door.

That’s fine and dandy unless your flight was serviced by these two clowns from Air Canada who were too lazy to carry the bags down the stairs. Instead, one tossed the bags from the elevated walkway to his compatriot on the ground:

Once the video was made public, both were put on suspension and will probably be fired.

Everyone has a camera these days and chances are, if you do something stupid, it will be caught on video.

And more importantly, be prepared to gate check your bag by having a smaller, separate bag available for your valuables. Always keep your valuables by your side and never out of your sight.

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4 Responses to How Not To Gate Check A Bag

  1. gafer says:

    Ouch! If you left a laptop or tablet in your bag it would be toast.

  2. Ralph says:

    Well….I hope no one leaves a laptop or tablet in checked baggage. Not to mention that it won’t be covered by insurance, same as checking jewelry if lost/stolen.
    Those guys should be fired.

  3. Lomo says:

    Tom Bihn Brain Cell for my laptop…suddenly it seems worth the extra weight.

  4. UnaV says:

    looks more like ‘fast & efficient’ instead of lazy to me. It’s not like they have time to go&up the stairs a dozen times dealing with the last-minute gatechecked bags. Sure, the bags are going to take a beating, but I doubt the checked bags are treated very gently either. (and no, I wouldn’t want my bags treated like that either)