American Eagle become Envoy Air

Envoy_Crj-900American Eagle, the regional carrier owned by the American Airlines Group, is changing its name today to Envoy Air.

IF it was that simple I’d have made it a tweet and not a  blog post. Keep reading.

Envoy Air will continue to operate flights for American under the banner “American Eagle” but will have a small decal saying “operated by Envoy Air.”

American Airlines also contracts out to other smaller carriers to flights and they will  fly under the “American Eagle” name as well.

Not had enough…eventually, USAir’s two regional carriers, Piedmont Airlines and PSA, now operating under the US Airways Express banner, will eventually become American Eagle carriers.

The executives at American Airlines group said they are changing the name so as not to get the airline confused with the retail brand but they’re keeping the name as an airline.

Yes, I also shook my head in disbelief.


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