Upcoming Gear Reviews

luggage at airportI know it’s been a long time since I’ve done a gear review but with everything going on here it’s tough right now to get to them.

I will have all of them done during April.

To give you a little hint, the products come from companies such as Eagle Creek, Patagonia, It Luggage, Cazalet and more.

In the meantime, I’ve added a couple of items for sale in that category in the forum:

Items for Sale from OBOW

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10 Responses to Upcoming Gear Reviews

  1. Maggie says:

    Look forward to reading them!

  2. gegarrenton says:

    Just got the Arc’teryx Covert Case I/C/O in, I highly recommend getting one for a review if you can, absolutely stunning bag.

  3. Frank@OBOW says:

    It may be a great bag but at 23 1/4″ x 15″ x 11 3/4″ it’s going to have a hard time making almost everyone’s carry-on limits and I doubt would fit in any sizer.

    • gegarrenton says:

      It’s not that big. I measure mine at 22″ x 13.5″ x 9″. The thickness could go up too probably 12″ if you overpack, it would be up to you not to do that. And the Arc’teryx C/O is smaller than the Blade 30.

      • Frank@OBOW says:

        I went by the measurements given on the bag’s website.

        Yes, the C/O is smaller but you said you had the I/C/O. According to the website, the C/O measures 22 1/2″ x 15″ x 11″

        And yes, it’s also true that it is up to the packer not to fill it. But, why do you need such a big bag in the first place if you don’t plan to use the space? And why not just make it to maximum carry-on dimensions, save some material, and save some weight?

        But, if you’re happy with it, that’s all that matters.

        • gegarrenton says:

          I do have the I/C/O, which is the dimensions I have listed. The C/O is smaller than that. They were actually given to you by Arc’teryx customer service according to your post on the old site here http://onebagger.squarespace.com/obow-light-travel-forum/post/2059301
          The numbers Arc’teryx gave me were similar (except I/C/O at 22.5 long instead of 23), and the ones I measured are above.

          The reason I would carry it is its much lighter than most bags due to no superfluous inside structure. You basically can set how much weight and structure you want with cubes and folders. If the bag is already compartmentalized, you are stuck with whatever is there. Also, these bags are made of the best material I have ever seen. The weave is super tight. It blows away my other Arc’teryx packs even.

          It also is very clean outside, so it doesn’t get hung on the edge of overheads and stuff, which was a complaint I had with the Blade. Small detail though.

          The C/O is 100% inside MLC dimensions if that is more for anyone’s use. I chose the I/C/O is within and inch of listed dimensions and within the actual UA sizer dimensions, so it’s pretty much a user choice and preference. I think weight is by far the bigger constraint these days, especially in Europe.

          I’m not a big bag proponent at all myself, this thing is actual needed size. I’m doing 4 days in London starting this afternoon with my new Tom Bihn Pilot actually! I’ll try and report on it in the forum.

  4. Maggie says:

    Bag manufacturers are limiting sales by making products that cannot make the carry-on limits. I realise US airlines have larger carry-on sizes but they won’t get any sales from overseas. Here the maximum size is 22” x 14” x 9”. Just be shaving a couple of inches off, they’d be opening up the product to a far wider market.

  5. Frank@OBOW says:

    The Travel Goods Show is going on this week in Phoenix. I had planned on going but with my big move in less than three weeks, and the unexpected trip last week, I need the time to pack up and purge my stuff.

    However, I am getting updates on new products and announcements. It seems this year many new lightweight bags, mostly with wheels, are being introduced. Manufacturers realize that smaller and lighter are necessary. No more pushing the limits of airline carry on sizes.

    United Airlines made a big deal last week of bringing out new sizers saying they’d be getting strict with their passengers. Early reports from a handful of United pfliers say that very few ground personnel are requiring people to use the sizers. And if they do, it’s with a bag that look over the limit.

    One other note I’d like to make. Just because a manufacturer says it’s carry-on compliant doesn’t mean it really is. As long as they can find one airline that would allow it, they can claim it. Many have, in small print, a disclaimer of some type saying the bag might not be allowed on all airlines.

    While most people who come here are trying to find ways to pack lighter, most travelers want to fill every cubic inch of space in their bags. They want to take the maximum allowed bag on and not a millimeter less.

  6. tcl says:

    I’m really looking forward to reading your product reviews. I’m long overdue for a new bag and somehow remain hopeful that each new year will bring real improvements to carry-on bags (and other travel accessories) only to be disappointed by feature (and size) bloat that just makes each item heavier and less appealing.

    A number of good bags in major categories have been discontinued and their replacements have not appeared so far, so hopefully real improvements will have been made when they do appear.

  7. Rene says:

    Still waiting