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pack-light-posterOccasionally, there will be a few travel news items of interest that are worth mentioning but don’t need their own posting. In those cases, I’ll do a “roundup” like this.

American Eagle, the airline, is changing its name to Envoy. This is to separate it from the generic term “American Eagle” which refers to all the regional carriers serving American Airlines.

Starting next week, American Airlines and USAir will begin codesharing.

American Airlines Frequent Flier members can now earn miles when flying USAir…and vice versa. For a short time, if you do, you’ll get a 50% bonus.

If you’re traveling to Sochi for the Olympics, and plan to only carry-on your bag,  leave your liquids and gels at home. None will be allowed in carry-on luggage. Not even if it conforms to the 3-1-1 rules since they won’t be allowed either.

On Sunday, Southwest Airlines flight 4013 from Chicago MIdway to Branson, MO., landed at the wrong airport. Instead of landing at Branson’s main airport, the flight landed at a smaller airport about nine miles away.  The pilots had to literally slam on the brakes as the runway at this smaller airport  is about half as long as the one at Branson’s main airport.  The pilots have been suspended while the NTSB investigates.

Deadwood, S.D., is a very interesting place to visit. (I’ve been many times.) It’s steeped in Wild West history, retains much of its older charm,  and allows low stakes gambling. One casino is owned by actor Kevin Costner.  He’s decorated it with memorabilia from his film “Dance with Wolves” which was shot nearby. Now it looks like a new business will soon open up called the “Bullets and Beer Saloon,” a combination shooting range and saloon. What could go wrong?



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  1. Alan B says:


    In recent years we have found that American Airlines has tended to be so restrictive regarding when one could USE their miles that we have moved our primary credit card to Capitol One, which has a much simpler redemption scheme (and which doesn’t grab a 3% currency exchange fee.)

    With our most recent American Aadvantage trip, planned nearly four months ahead, we could not get the leave on Thursday, return on Friday that we wanted, and ended up moving the trip back a day. of course, those Capitol One “double miles” while more flexible in usage, are worth less than what you’d assume, as they generate two farthings per dollar spent rather than four farthings i.e., $0.005 reward per $1.00 spent, not a full penny.