31 Travel Experts Share Their Best Tips for Packing Light

luggage at airportA couple of weeks ago, I asked for your best tips for packing light.

This came about because I was asked to participate in a roundup article of travel writers and bloggers giving their best packing light tips.

That blog post, 31 Travel Experts Share Their Best Tips for Packing Light was published today.

Take a look at it and let us know what you think. Did you learn anything new? is there anything you’re definitely going to try for your next trip? As a regular reader of OBOW, did you think that most of it had already been discussed here?

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4 Responses to 31 Travel Experts Share Their Best Tips for Packing Light

  1. Thanks for sharing, Frank. Talking to everyone reassured me that other people are also picky about fabrics and packing as few pairs of underwear as possible. I’m not crazy!

  2. elizabeth says:

    The two I thought might be interesting to try–and don’t recall reading on 1B1W–are to use rubber bands and to pack things vertically. I use a lot of big rubber bands at home for organization, but had never thought of using them in my travel bags. It could work. In terms of packing vertically, I might try it just for grins. I like the idea that you can see everything in the bag. I’ve seen that suggestion for organizing dresser drawers, but not travel bags.

  3. Paula Bag Lass says:

    I tried rubber bands one time, but it was on my return home and I was squeezing for as much space as possible in my carry-on. I certainly wouldn’t do it at start of journey, several rolled garments ended up with ‘band line’ creases.
    I do use rubber bands to wrap around coat hanger ends, it prevents clothes slipping off the hangers.

    Um no, I didn’t really learn anything new, but someone new to the experience would learn a lot.

  4. D M says:

    Nice to see tips from the “experts.”
    I agree with Paula…I didn’t really learn anything new, but the tips are great for new one-baggers.
    Interesting that most of the tips have to do with clothing (for obvious reasons: clothes are the things that people pack the most of). It is so critical to pack fewer clothing items, which means multipurpose, highly versatile, easily-launderable items that are durable but lightweight.