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FAA Eases Rules On Using Gadgets In-Flight

Airline passengers will soon be able to use many of their favorite electronic gadgets “gate to gate,” according to the FAA. Under the new directive announced today, passengers could read, work, listen to music, play games or watch a movie  …

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Tips for Packing Light

Last week,  Tortuga Backpacks contacted me about participating in an “expert’s roundup” response to the following question: “What’s Your Best, Non-Obvious Tip for Packing Light?” I gave it some thought over the weekend trying to weed out what advice I …

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Airline Carry On Bag Policies

Our friends at Airfare Watchdog have created a chart of the carry-on bag policies of many airlines around the world. I thought you’d like a link to it:   Airline Carry On Policies

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Hotel Room Inspections

I often get asked what I do to prevent picking up unwanted guests, such as bed bugs, when I stay in  a hotel. While bed bugs are a nuisance, you’re more than likely to pick up another type of bug, …

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Following the Crowd?

Planning for “The Adventure” is so much easier thanks to the internet. When I first started traveling, there was no internet, no smartphones, even the word “igital” referred to a large frame computer company.  We had to rely on printed …

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Best Passports

Earlier this week, a study was published purportedly stating which countries had the best passport. What do they mean by “best passport?” The criteria was simple: which country’s passport could get their citizens into the most countries without a visa. …

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Travel and the Government Shutdown

In case you haven’t been watching the news,  Congress was unable to find a way to keep the government running at the beginning of the new fiscal year that started today and  has shutdown much of it. This posting is …

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