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There have been some interesting travels news items this week but none so huge they warranted their own posting:

130828104809-hello-kitty-eva-air-9-horizontal-galleryTaiwan based EVA Air will start flying their “Hello Kitty” themed airplanes to the U.S. starting Sept. 18.

How cute is that? Well, it would be if just the outside had the branding. But so does the inside. In fact there are 100 Hello Kitty themed items on the planes:



130828101906-hello-kitty-eva-air-2-horizontal-galleryHello Kitty headrests and pillows.






130828101900-hello-kitty-eva-air-4-horizontal-galleryHello Kitty boarding passes and luggage tags





130828103712-hello-kitty-eva-air-8-horizontal-galleryAnd even Hello Kitty first class meals.


After spending ten hours or longer on that plane, I’d expect duty-free to sell insulin.



On to other news:

mamavaBurlington Airport is the first in the nation to offer  a lactation station. The pod like structure offer a private area for a nursing mother to either feed her baby or pump breast milk. The pods offer soft lighting, a fold down table and a power plug for a breast pump.






Sheraton NYThe New York Sheraton Times Square has just completed a $180 million dollar makeover. In recognition of its completion, the hotel is offering a $50 credit to any guest who has had a makeover either on their home or themselves in the past six months. You had to have spent at least $150 for the makeover.

Those botox shots may increase the size of your lips but lower the cost of your  hotel bill.

And to think I used to live a block away from this hotel.


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One Response to Travel News Tidbits

  1. Ralph says:

    Regarding EVA, their economy deluxe, along with TG, are good for flying to Asia with better comfort than normal economy, snd of course much cheaper than business/first. It is also easier to redeem Star Alliance points for these flightss. They both have a 2 config.
    If traveling with only 2 people in normal economy, the new A380 and B787 both offer 2/4/2 seating which is great for 2. I just returned on SQ 11/12.