The Truth About Bed Bugs


Every now and then a question comes up on travel sites about bed bugs.

The fear of getting them is reasonable but is it warranted? We hear too many stories of infestations, or lists of cities having the worst problem with them.

In this month’s National Geographic Traveler, travel writer Christopher Elliott has an excellent article on The Truth About Bed Bugs.

Even I’m not immune to this. I do a thorough check of every hotel room I plan to sleep in a follow a similar routine before I decide the coast is clear:

1) Enter room and put luggage either on a desk, luggage rack or in the bathroom. Never on the floor of the bed.

2) Pull back the sheets and check the mattress. Are there any signs of the little devils? (Dried blood? Dead animals? Shed skin?)

3) Check behind the headboard.

4) Check upholstered chairs.

If everything is clear, and I keep the room, I still keep my luggage off the floor and the bed. This also goes for clothes.

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