Gear Review: Battery Operated Shavers-Part 3: Pre-shave Treatments and Shaver Care Products

IMG_0317Now that the shavers have been reviewed, it’s time to talk about pre-shave treatments for electric shavers.

I tried three popular ones:

Remington Face Saver–a powder stick that is rubbed on the face to attract moisture.

Williams Lectric Shave–the standby alcohol based liquid that dries moisture from the face (and seen in a 3-1-1 friendly 3 oz. bottle.)

Pacific Shaving Oil–the oil is supposed to soften the hairs to make it easier for the shaver to cut.

I tried all three and didn’t see any difference when they were used or weren’t. What I do is wet my face with hot water to get the whiskers to stick up, dry lightly, and shave. If I have time I might also use the old barbershop method of placing a hot towel on my face to prep it for the shave. I simply run the towel under hot water, ring it out lightly, and press it against my face for a couple of minutes. This loosens the whiskers and allows better efficiency with the shaver.

IMG_0319Now on to shaver care.

When the good folks at Eltron sent me their battery operated rotary shaver for review, they also sent along two products that are supposed to help shavers work better.

Shaver Cleaner  ($5.95 directly from the manufacturer, 4 oz.) is used by dipping the shaver’s blades in a small bowl of the liquid. It’s supposed to clean the blades of facial hair and oils as well as lubricate the blades. They suggest using it once a week. It worked well but I must warn you that is has a very strong acetate type smell.

Shave Ease ($5.95 direct form the manufacturer, 4 oz.) is a spray that is to be used daily to keep the shaver’s bladed clean and lubricated as well as help to glide the shaver over the face. I tried it on a few shavers and didn’t see much difference.

Neither of these products are available in containers smaller than 4 oz. so they can’t be taken in your carry on.

If you have any questions about any of the products mentioned in this three part series, feel free to ask.

For those of you who still shave using razor blades, and would like to save some money, you might want to check into
Dollar Shave Club. (It’s real.)

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7 Responses to Gear Review: Battery Operated Shavers-Part 3: Pre-shave Treatments and Shaver Care Products

  1. MaxD says:

    I have not tried that Remington stick before…I last used Lectric shave 15-20 years ago when I had a Norelco rotary razor. I didn’t notice much difference with or without the Lectric shave. I wasn’t terribly impressed with the shave either way.

    I like the convenience of the electric shaving. I have been using shave soap and brush and the fancy Merkur blades. The shave is nice and smooth but I feel like the morning ritual has become too elaborate.

    Now I am trying out a foil shaver like the Panasonic one. I like it fine but it is still a little harsh on my neck. I have been using Kinexium from King of Shaves. I have found that oils in general, such as the Pacific, KOS, and the Magic Shave (Shave Secret??–Something like that) are okay but none of them seems to stand out.

    Any tips for a good alcohol free aftershave or moisturizer?

    • Frank@OBOW says:

      When I first started using the electric shavers, I also had harshness on my neck. It can take up to four weeks for your face to get used to an electric shaver when coming from a manual blade. Now, I have no problems with any of the shavers.

      I’m not a regular user of aftershave, just a little cold water, but the two I have that are for sensitive skin (non-alcohol) are Nivea Men Sensitive Post Shave Balm (3.3 oz. jar but made of glass so it’s heavy) and Dove Men +Care Post Shave Balm Sensitive+ (3.4 oz bottle, plastic). I can’t really tell the difference between the two. When my face comes out a little rougher than normal, I’ll apply some and it seems to work. Both have a light scent but far from overpowering.

  2. MaxD says:

    Last night I made a little cream of about 4 parts shea butter and 1 part coconut oil. I added a few drops of grapefruit, pine, sandalwood oils to see how it would smell.

    I only made about 2 tablespoons in case this didn’t work. This morning I rubbed some on my face and neck and it seems to help a little bit. Still a little roughness on my neck but not too bad. It doesn’t help to wear a tie afterwards because even if your collar is not tight, there is still a little friction rubbing on the neck.

  3. MaxD says:

    Also, I am liking the idea of travelling with an electric razor. Currently I use a razor (generally Avid 4 or one of those Twist Razors that Frank had brought up a long time back), shave oil, shave stick, and a brush. These pack small but still it’s several parts. With the Panasonic shaver, it’s the shaver and a shave oil. These probably weigh more than the aforementioned manual gear, and it’s probably a push as far as volume required, but I like the simplicity of two discrete pieces versus 4-5.

    • Frank@OBOW says:

      You must be a lucky shaver. I tried the Avid4 years ago because the design was great. However, after shaving, you couldn’t tell I had shaved at all. As for the “twist” razor, I never got a great shave and finally figured out why–no weight in the head of the razor. I could never get enough pressure on my face for the blades to do their jobs.

      The Panasonic does weigh more but is so much more convenient. The brush is so small it weigh practically nothing. In fact, it’s so small, I’m sure it will soon be lost.

  4. Alan B says:

    I find modest benefit from the Williams pre-shave. It helps especially for humid areas. For travel I simply download a supply into a small bottle from REI:

    This holds enough certainly for a two week trip. One can use the same sort of bottle to hold laundry detergent for sink washing, makes more sense than searching for the individual packets. $1.25 for such a bottle, a trivial expense.

  5. MWebb says:

    Great review. I tried a previous generation portable Panasonic wet/dry shave years ago and it was junk. Based on your recommendation I picked up the latest version and it is a jewel, just as great as you say!