Gear Review: Battery Operated Shavers–Part 2: Rotary Shavers

IMG_0311In this part, we continue our review of battery operated shavers focusing on rotary shavers.

Rotary shavers cut a little differently than foil shavers and the effects can be extreme.

I could only find two battery operated rotary shavers. (Both use two AA batteries.)



IMG_0315The first one I tried was the Philips Norelco PQ208 Travel Electric Razor ($12.97 at Walmart, 5.1 oz).   This is a popular model and the only one I actually found in a retail store. The shave itself wasn’t bad although it did take me twice as long to shave as with the foil shavers and the shave wasn’t as close. This was also the only shaver to come with its own travel pouch.



IMG_0313The second rotary shaver is the Eltron Battery Operated Rotary Shaver ($19.95 direct from the manufacturer, 5.2 oz). This is a new product.  As much as I like the Eltron foil shaver, I can’t say the same for this one. The shave was just okay.





Both shavers tended to pull my whiskers and I did get some irritation from the Norelco. The Eltron claims to have 240 minutes of battery time while the Norelco is the only shaver of all I tested that seems to need new batteries.  Both of these shavers have two heads while most rotary shavers have three.

Let me put it this way: If you use a rotary shaver at home and want to stick with that type for travel, then these two might be what you’re looking for. (I put the Norelco just above the Eltron.) However, if you’re open to any type of shaver, get either  the Panasonic or Eltron foil shavers instead.

9/29/13–update–If I don’t shave for a couple of days, I find the Norelco is the only shaver of all–foils and rotaries–that doesn’t pull my beard. After the first need to shave a few days stubble,  I kept using it for awhile. My face must be used to it as the Norelco now gives me a very good shave without pulling.

Next up–Part 3–Pre Shave treatments and shaver cleaning products.

Disclaimer: Eltron provided their battery operated rotary shaver for review.

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