20 Biggest Travel Mistakes


CNN has a fun article on the 20 Biggest Travel Mistakes.

How many will you admit to?

I’ll admit to………#13.

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9 Responses to 20 Biggest Travel Mistakes

  1. Clarence says:

    1, 2, 7, 15, & 16.

  2. Anna says:

    1, 2, 9, 14, 16.

  3. tcl says:

    Guilty of 1, 2 and sometimes 16.

    #8 is a peeve of mine. While I’m against throwing US$5 at the vendor when you know the item should be US$2 in the local currency and creating something that ruins it for future visitors, (just look at Vietnam), sometimes 50 cents is just really 50 cents.

    I’d also like to add #21 to the list (and another peeve :p ) which is using your smartphone calculator in the haggling process. It’s simply tacky and sometimes insulting to be using something that costs enough to support not only the merchant’s family but his/her entire village for a month. Bring a small and inexpensive dollar-store calculator along if you plan on shopping. It only weighs a few ounces, takes up little space and the chances are you’ll get a better deal too.

  4. Definitely #2 and I have horror stories about #10….

  5. Gary Williams says:

    Back in the day of film, I really didn’t even know I’d been on a trip until the developed film arrived from the processor. I’ve somewhat reformed, now, at least to the point of not trying to experience the entire trip through a viewfinder.

  6. Paula Bag Lass says:

    I will never be guilty of #1 ever again. Gave that up years ago.

    I never learn on #2, I still do it.

    #7 I’m pretty much guilty of missing the time to buy cheaper air fare, I did it again this year! However, in my defense, I didn’t have the funds when I checked months ago.

    #10 Heathrow? Bl**dy place!!! I don’t have much choice if I fly British Airways. 🙁

  7. WendyK says:

    Definitely guilty of #5, waiting for the super shuttle that serves multiple hotels, when I visited Paris. It was supposed to run every 20 minutes but ended up being more than an hour and there was barely standing room. Should definitely have taken a taxi..

  8. Neil says:

    Guilty of numbers 5, 10, 12, and 16.
    I’ll never get over #12. I actually lose weight on extended trips (if only I applied that at home), because I eat so little and what I do eat is usually eggs.
    I’ll never stop taking too many pictures. I always drastically cull them before I show them to anybody, if they are even interested. Picture taking is the cheapest part of any trip, so why worry about missing “that shot”.
    The “hell that is Heathrow”. Yep. I learned my lesson. Thought I could slay the beast. I bet that airport is still laughing at me. Viva Gatwick.

  9. MWebb says:

    #1 – overpacking – isn’t that our common weakness?

    a corollary to that is: packing the same style clothing. I never run out of clothing, but sometimes I don’t have the right stuff (like no shorts for the gym or beach, no standard shirt for a nice restaurant – only polos and tees).