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Travel News Tidbits

There have been some interesting travels news items this week but none so huge they warranted their own posting: Taiwan based EVA Air will start flying their “Hello Kitty” themed airplanes to the U.S. starting Sept. 18. How cute is …

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The Personal Item

I”ve added a new page on the use of the “Personal Item” under OBOW Tutorials. There seemed to be some confusion on whether these were “permitted” under OBOW guidelines and I hope the posting clears things up. The Personal Item

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Pay More For Child Free Quiet Zones?

Would you be willing to pay more to sit in an area of a plane that was free of anyone under 12? Scoot Airlines, a Singapore based budget carrier, thinks you are. For as little as $14.50 you could sit …

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Eagle Creek Specter Compression Set Back In Stock

I knew the Eagle Creek Specter Compression Set was popular and people couldn’t wait for them to come back in stock……but ….I never expected stores to send out emails telling customers¬† about just that. The one on the left was …

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Gear Review: Battery Operated Shavers-Part 3: Pre-shave Treatments and Shaver Care Products

Now that the shavers have been reviewed, it’s time to talk about pre-shave treatments for electric shavers. I tried three popular ones: Remington Face Saver–a powder stick that is rubbed on the face to attract moisture. Williams Lectric Shave–the standby …

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Gear Review: Battery Operated Shavers–Part 2: Rotary Shavers

In this part, we continue our review of battery operated shavers focusing on rotary shavers. Rotary shavers cut a little differently than foil shavers and the effects can be extreme. I could only find two battery operated rotary shavers. (Both …

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Gear Review: Battery Operated Shavers, Part 1–Foil Shavers

For the past few years,¬† I’ve been shaving with different¬† types of disposable razors while traveling. None seemed to give me a good shave. Nothing compared to the double-edged blades I used at home. Of course, those blades are not …

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New Slogan?

I saw this in the comment section of an Instagram posting from a woman who was able to pack all she needed for a 3 1/2 week trip to Europe in a Tom Bihn Aeronaut: “Checked luggage is for amateurs.” …

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20 Biggest Travel Mistakes

CNN has a fun article on the 20 Biggest Travel Mistakes. How many will you admit to? I’ll admit to………#13.

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The Truth About Bed Bugs

Every now and then a question comes up on travel sites about bed bugs. The fear of getting them is reasonable but is it warranted? We hear too many stories of infestations, or lists of cities having the worst problem …

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