TSA Wants To “Randomize” Security Lines


Have you ever started to go through airport security and have a TSA worker point you to a specific line? Did you feel discriminated against? Did you worry you were being singled out?


Well, if you did, no worries, the TSA is concerned. It wants to make sure you feel you’re pointed towards a particular line strictly at random and it has nothing to do with anything remotely discriminatory.

To do this, the TSA has requested proposals for a “randomizer.” This machine will randomly route passengers to different security lines without any bias.

The machine may also be used to keep potential terrorists fromĀ  attempting to go through specific checkpoints as well as manage wait times.

No word on how many millions this is going to cost.

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4 Responses to TSA Wants To “Randomize” Security Lines

  1. Neil says:

    I suppose they could always buy a $15 calculator with a randomization function on it or download a math app with a randomization function to their PC, but I guess that would save too much money.

  2. Kinkora says:

    LOL!!! This would be funny… if we weren’t being billed for it!

  3. Steve says:

    They have this in Canada..though its usually either a) broken or b) just not being used. Its a pad you step on then, it directs you to which line your supposed to go or if you get a whammy, you get the special treatment.

    • George says:

      I love playing dance dance revolutions at the airport. I usually win (metal detector only) and the CATSA agent has a laugh when I mention DDR.